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martedì 25 ottobre 2011

Frozen peach yogurt recipe


Tuesday October 25, 2011

Cookbooks on sale below. Cookbooks about peaches and yogurt below in November...

giovedì 13 ottobre 2011

Sausage nut strudel @ Cape May, NJ

In New Jersey, USA, a dinner menu with almonds, walnuts and pecans with cream cheese and sausage, in a pastry and baked.

 Wednesday October 12, 2011

Tags @ my food, travel and gardening blos later 

as well as commercial links to books. Plase see also below

Arungula salad with corn and red onions recipe


Thursday October 13, 2011

Coming soon commercial links

about these ingredients and cookbooks

giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

Very good, with lemon juice. Pineapple iced tea recipe

How to prepare it.

Books? Below commercial links 

about "Luscious Lemon Desserts" and "Lemon Zest" by Lori Longbotham

or "Lemons: A Country Garden Cookbook" by Christopher Idone

And also: 

"Yummy juice: The Ultimate Collection of The World's Finest Juice Recipes"

by Arlene Moody and "Hawaii's Favorite Pineapple Recipes"

by Joan Clare Dobbs

Gardening blog

and recipe blog about lemons and fruit

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Thursday October 6, 2011

martedì 4 ottobre 2011

A lot of colours and Greece in the kitchen? The recipe of savory spinach, feta, and peppadew muffins

A food blog post.

Tuesday October 3, 2011

And below and on the right also...

- "Great Greek Food" by Ruth Caldwell,

- "The Williams-Sonoma Collection: Muffins" by Beth Hensperger,

- "750 Best Muffin Recipes" by Camilla V. Saulsbury,

- "The Ultimate Muffin Book" by Mark Scarbrough,

- "Mostly Muffins" by Barbara Albright,

- "Muffins" by Cyndi Duncan,

- "The 250 Best Muffin Recipes" by Esther Brody,

- "Muffins" by Elizabeth Alston,

- "The Complete Muffin Cookbook" by Gloria Ambrosia,

- A chicken and spinach salad in a cookbook to buy.

Blog about Europe and...

Travel blog about Greece and...

Recipe blog about Greek cuisine and...

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lunedì 3 ottobre 2011

Springtime Strawberry Bars Recipe

Here a link to this recipe and here another recipe with strawberries.

 Sunday May 22, 2011 and some minutes ago

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Strawberry Jam Bars Recipe

You may find this recipe here.

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 Sunday May 22, 2011 and updated some minutes ago

Sausages, fried Oreos and slushies @ the San Gennaro Festival, Little Italy, New York

 And also Mulberry Street, Kenmare, Broome in this page. by Carey Jones. Sausages here as well.

Saturday September 17, 2011 and some seconds ago

Blog and food blog about fried oreos and...

Travel blog about NY and...

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